Beamformer Power Amplifier Performance
VNA Active Device Characterization Essentials Webinar Series
Optimizing Characterization of Active Devices
Digital predistortion (DPD) is a key nonlinearity compensation tool for power amplifiers (PA) that enables transmitter efficiency improvements. Typical DPD evaluations are done under matched load conditions. However, PA designers working towards massive MIMO and beamforming implementations need to evaluate amplifier performance considering the impedance variations the PA will experience once deployed. 

In part 3 of webinar series, VNA Active Device Characterization Essentials, you will learn how to characterize an amplifier’s optimal EVM at 50 ohm using source correction and measure its performance degradation using load-pull. Our unique approach enables seamless robustness testing using the PNA’s spectrum analysis and modulation-distortion analysis applications, a vector signal generator, and a passive tuner. 

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Original Webinar Date: October 25, 2022
Duration: 1 hour

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