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Error vector magnitude (EVM) is considered a comprehensive transmitter performance benchmark, prompting component and subsystem manufacturers to provide explicit product EVM metrics. However, traditional single-ended symbol EVM measurements are incapable of distinguishing component distortions from that of the source, receiver, or any other test fixtures. Furthermore, traditional signal analyzers suffer from signal to noise ratio (SNR) degradation as the analysis bandwidth (BW) increases. By using a vector network analyzer (VNA) to capture symbol EVM instead, accurate delineation of DUT EVM is available with all source distortion effects removed and excellent SNR regardless of the analysis BW.

In part 2 of the VNA Active Device Characterization Essentials webinar series, you will learn how to make symbol EVM measurements using a VNA with Modulation Distortion and PathWave Vector Signal Analysis software to solely capture an amplifier’s distortion characteristics.

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Webinar Date: Wednesday September 28, 2022
Duration: 1 hour

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