Tackle Your mmWave Signal Analysis Challenges
Tackle Your mmWave Signal Analysis Challenges

Duration: 1 hour
Available On demand

Millimeter-wave technology is a key enabler and provides ample margin for performance improvement, but it creates challenges such as path loss, tight design margins, complex modulation, and stringent standards.

This webinar will discuss the key considerations when tackling the test challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s mmWave applications.
Paris Akhshi
Paris Akhshi
Product Marketing Manager
Signal Analyser
Keysight Technologies
Across wireless, satcom, and radar industries, Paris Akhshi is responsible for communicating the day-to-day and long-term impact that Keysight's signal analysers have in the lives of RF development and design engineers. From behind-the-scenes management ensuring effective product launches, to connecting more personally through presentations and 1:1 conversations, she enjoys teaming up with engineers to overcome their test and measurement challenges, as they work to deliver future innovations.

Paris holds a PhD in analytics and instrumentation from Queen’s University in Canada.

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