1.6T is the Future of Ethernet. Are You Ready?
Outlook on 1.6T and the Future of Ethernet
Data center traffic continues to explode and soon 400G (and even 800G) isn’t going to be fast enough to support the growth. 

1.6T is the future of data center networking. Make sure you’re ready with expert predictions, advice, and test solutions. 
Join us as industry Ethernet experts discuss:

  • Market trends driving the demand for faster Ethernet speeds
  • Technical challenges with 1.6T Ethernet and test solutions
  • Optical and electrical innovations needed to make 1.6T a reality

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Date: Thursday December 22, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM SGT (GMT +8)
Duration: 1 hour

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Keysight Technologies
Cathy Ye Liu
Dr. Ali Ghiasi
Product Marketing Manager
Ghiasi Quantum LLC
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Dr. Tony Chan Carusone
Chief Technology Officer
Alphawave IP
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VP of Business Development
Eoptolink Technology Inc.
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Product Marketing Manager, High-Performance Digital Software
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