E-Mobility Webinars

As an established energy storage test system manufacturer, Keysight has a sound knowledge of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and battery
testing including cell, module, and pack level. Find out more about Scienlab electric vehicle (EV) charging interoperability test in this series.
Panel Discussion: E-Mobility- Market First or Conformance First

Experts from CharIN, DEKRA, and Keysight discuss driving factors for a successful balance between meeting rapidly expanding market demands, and the need to conform to evolving EV and EVSE standards. Watch the on-demand presentation now.
Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors – Key Technology Enablers for E-Mobility

Join Keysight’s Mike Hawes as he responds to questions from automotive OEMs and Tier 1s regarding specific challenges they are encountering to dynamically characterize WBG power semiconductors while enabling e-mobility applications.
EV Battery Testing - From Cell Chemistry to Battery Pack Testing

Keysight has comprehensive turn-key battery test solutions that are expandable, efficient and accurate that also help to reduce your operating costs. Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we cover all stages of the product life cycle from R&D through validation. From cell chemistry to cell formation and cell/module/pack level testing, Keysight has the answer you need.
EV Testing: From the Grid to the Road

Electric Vehicles (EV) are one of the biggest investment areas in the automotive industry today. Succeeding in this fast-paced, high-voltage, high-power transition to EVs requires readily available, safe, and accurate test equipment. This seminar series will provide an overview of Keysight's comprehensive EV test solutions to advance the e-Mobility ecosystem from the grid to the road. 
Gain Insights Into Innovative Inverter Test Solutions

Inverters are essential components for numerous applications since they convert electrical voltage bi-directionally. This functionality makes inverters an important component in electromobility, as well as numerous industrial applications. In the automotive sector, the requirements made on quality, durability and safety are extremely demanding.
For these to be secured, all components are subject to stringent test requirements. 
Learn how Keysight helps in comprehensive test scenarios and independent component testing, allowing development expenditure to be reduced and innovations to be achieved faster.
Secure and Precise Testing of Battery Management Systems

The introduction of new storage technologies and the interconnection of multiple energy storage cells to form modules or packs requires an intelligent battery management system (BMS). The BMS is also growing in importance due to the increasing use of batteries in the area of electric mobility. Reliable functionality can only be guaranteed if the BMS is validated by a variety of tests with different cell states and error scenarios.

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