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Wifi6 or 802.11ax is available for large scale commercial and is driven by benefits like 4X higher capacity, increased security and reduced latency. For the first time, multiple Wi-Fi clients can transmit or receive concurrently using orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) with allocated resource units. The challenge increases dramatically as the number of simultaneous users scale up in a diverse client mix at varying distances.

Traditional test tools that are based on commercial chipsets or using real-client devices cannot address these challenges. A next-generation test tool capable of simulating multi-user OFDMA at scale is required to fully validate the functionality and performance gain promised by 802.11ax technology.
Keshav Sudial
Keshav Sudial
Pre-Sales Application Engineer,
Network Solutions and Sales
Keysight Technologies
Keshav takes care of pre-sales activities for the Wi-Fi product line for Keysight India. He mainly works with AP manufacturers, chip vendors and companies who work in Wi-Fi technology. He helps customers in resolving their queries around this new technology and helps them in implementing solutions involving Keysight's Wi-Fi products. He also looks after the 5G Core and IxChariot business for Keysight India.

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