Gearing Up on Target Simulators for Lidar and Radar
Car on highway radar lidar

Radar and camera sensors are increasingly adopted into autonomous vehicles, and now, light detection and ranging (lidar) technology are expected to follow. Today, target simulators are mandatory to meet specifications, bringing real world scenarios into a control environment. 

Join our Keysight experts in this webinar as we discuss the available radar test solution geared towards volume manufacturing and a new target simulator for lidar.

Topics include: 

  • Automated radar test solution, anechoic chamber with radar target simulator
  • Lidar target simulator, with distance and reflectivity simulation
  • Automated front end catered to lidar field-of-view

Available on-demand

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Hock Yew, Yeap
Hock Yew, Yeap
Solution and Product Manager
Keysight Technologies

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