Turbocharge Your Netflow for Ransomware Detection

Available On demand
Duration: 1 hour

Ransomware has become a huge problem for corporate enterprises in recent years, causing major disruptions to business operations. How can Ransomware be detected before it spreads too far?

Netflow has long been available as a data source for NetOps use cases such as network troubleshooting and monitoring. More recently, network and security practitioners have been able to take advantage of improvements and extensibility of modern Netflow implementations and apply them to SecOps and NetOps use cases. In this webinar, we’ll review the use of modern Netflow applied to Ransomware Detection. Turbocharged Netflow generation and analytics capabilities from Keysight and Netflow Auditor will be applied to this use case.
Greg Copeland
Greg Copeland
Director of Business Development
Ixia, a Keysight Business
Greg is a Director of Business Development at Keysight Business, working with Keysight’s Technology Partners to create joint visibility, security and test solutions to solve complex requirements for enterprise, service provider and cloud customers. Greg has broad experience in a variety of technologies such as cloud, networking, wireless, monitoring, security, analytics and virtualisation. Prior to Ixia, Greg has held various positions at leading technology vendors including CA, Packeteer and Cisco. Greg has a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of California in San Diego, and a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa.
Rafi Sabel
Rafi Sabel
Product Manager & Channel Director
Netflow Auditor
Rafi Sabel is IdeaData’s Channel Director and Product Manager for Netflow Auditor with over 20 years as a specialist in Network Traffic and Cyber Security.

Netflow Auditor is a unique Integrated Network Visibility and Cyber Intelligence solution for on-premises and cloud networks. NetFlow Auditor’s Actionable Intelligence enables organisations with the most cost effective and secure way to tackle the increasing density, complexity and expanse of modern networking. Our unique Dropless Collection method enables extreme Granular Retention of flow metadata at Scale coupled with Machine Learning, A.I. Diagnostics, Threat Intelligence, Asset Tagging and Smart Automation providing unsurpassed visibility and detection.

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