Streamline Your RF Test Process: More Measurements With Less Complexity
Streamline your RF Test Process: More Measurements with Less Complexity
Learn more how Keysight enable the next satellite evolution and help you to innovate your project
Every step in the path to new satellite development is crucial - from design and simulation to verification and manufacturing through deployment. Keysight will help you accelerate the speed of design, test and manufacturing while maintaining a high quality of service with increased confidence.

Join your host, Dr. Richard Soden, plus a panel of industry experts with collective knowledge that can help shorten your design cycle and ensure your systems perform predictably for the duration of your mission.

Satellite system performance can be significantly impacted by signal distortion. Component testing typically relies on a test station for narrowband measurements such as S-parameter, IMD, IP3, then further testing at an additional test stand using a signal source and signal analyser for wideband characterisation. It is now possible to simplify your test flow by performing both narrow-band and wide-band measurements at a single process step.

Date: Thursday Apr 28, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM SGT (GMT+8)
Duration: 45 Minutes

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Dr. Richard Soden
Application Lead – Space and Satellite
Keysight Technologies

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