Space Talk Part 3
Space Talk Part 3
Every step in the path to new satellite development is crucial - from design and simulation to verification and manufacturing through deployment. Keysight will help you accelerate the speed of design, test and manufacturing while maintaining a high quality of service with increased confidence.

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Thermal Vacuum RF Test
Available On-Demand
Dr. Rich Soden, Eric Breakenridge and the team discuss challenges and methods for reducing RF measurement uncertainty for the extended durations and conditions required through thermal vacuum testing. 
Quantum Technologies in Space
Available On-Demand
Dr. Rich Soden, Nizar Messaoudi and team review Quantum applications for satellites and the impact of Quantum Communications, Sensing and Metrology systems in solving currently intractable problems.
Uncertainty Matters
Available On-Demand
Dr. Rich Soden and the team invite Scott Leithem to explore the consequences of poor test equipment tolerances and maintenance strategies and how tighter margins reduce risk and programme cost.
Power in Space
Available On-Demand
Dr. Rich Soden, Paul Farto and the team review the changing landscape of power subsystems - from all electronic satellites to battery performance, the team discuss development and testing workflows.
Residual EVM
Available On-Demand
Dr. Rich Soden and team welcome Donald Vanderweit to explore a revolutionary vector-corrected method for fast, accurate EVM characterisation of wideband devices, including frequency converters.
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