Space Talk Part 2
Space Talk Part 2
Every step in the path to new satellite development is crucial - from design and simulation to verification and manufacturing through deployment. Keysight will help you accelerate the speed of design, test and manufacturing while maintaining a high quality of service with increased confidence.

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New Applications and Challenges
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Join Keysight’s Dr. Richard Soden, together with Director of Mission Assurance, Phil Lorch and our space and satellite solutions team as they discuss new application trends and the resulting challenges and solutions. 
Phase Noise
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Join Keysight’s Dr. Richard Soden, Brooks Hanley and the space and satellite solutions team as they discuss phase noise measurements, what they are and why they are so important in satellite communications. 
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Join Keysight’s Dr. Richard Soden, John Swanstrom and the space and satellite solutions team as they discuss flat panel antennas, how they work and why they are so important to satellite communications. 
Hardware in the Loop
Available On-Demand
Join Keysight’s Dr. Richard Soden, Ian Rippke and the space and satellite solutions team as they discuss the process of moving from a simulated environment to testing a device using real signals and instruments. 
Available On-Demand
Join Keysight’s Dr. Richard Soden, Phil Trainor and the space and satellite solutions team as they discuss cybersecurity in satellite networks. They will look at the dangers and weaknesses in networks, explaining why you need to test how your system typically works and how it will react under attack.  
5G Non-Terrestrial Networks
Available On-Demand
Base stations in space promise ubiquitous 5G coverage. Dr. Rich Soden and team are joined by Dr Raymond Shen to discuss the technical challenges that can be expected from system design to operation. 
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