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Title: SatCom Dynamic Digital Twin Creation
Original Broadcast Date: September 16, 2021


Learn how to build and verify your dynamic SatCom system performance using a ‘digital twin’ created using PathWave System Design from Keysight and STK from AGI, an Ansys Company.  In this presentation you’ll see demonstrations of:
  • Configuring a dynamic satellite mission in STK
  • Creating an accurate RF system model of the transmitter and receiver
  • Linking PathWave System Design and STK to create a high-fidelity dynamic system model
Dr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres
Dr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres
A/D Applications Scientist
Keysight Technologies
Wilfredo has worked in RF/MW Design for over 25 years at Motorola, Harris, Agilent, and Keysight. He has experience with both circuit and system level communication systems design. Wilfredo holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Florida Atlantic University. 
Nate McBee
Nate McBee
Sr. Systems Engineer
Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), an Ansys Company
AGI Logo
Nate is currently a Sr. Systems Engineer focused on the development of strategic partnerships at Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), an Ansys Company, the producer of commercial analysis software for land, sea, air, and space systems. With a background ranging from space system design to small unmanned aircraft, Nate applies AGI’s solutions through digital engineering techniques and integrations with a growing number of strategic business partners’ tools to answer today’s most demanding systems engineering problems across the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors.  Nate is graduate of the University of Tennessee where he holds both Bachelor of Science (2004) and Master of Science (2007) degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

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