Network Visibility Webinar

Title: Reduce Cloud Deployment Costs Using Repeatable Performance Benchmarking

Duration: 60 minutes

Available On Demand

This webinar will focus on the public cloud compute instance performance benchmarking in a structured and repeatable way. We will then look at how to methodically apply collected data to cost analysis and instance type selection.

Cloud providers offer a rich selection of compute instance types to address any possible application demands, each for a different price. If the scale of your organization’s cloud fleet is in thousands of instances, a small difference in workload hourly cost can accumulate to either significant savings or overspending by the end of each month. Therefore, it is critical to base your selection of instance types on analysis of cost to real performance. Benchmarking methodology your organization utilizes for this job has to produce reliable data and should be easily repeatable to follow the rapid pace of new provider and marketplace offerings and leverage possible alternatives for maximum savings.

Register to gain these key take-aways from this webinar:

The performance of a cloud workload is directly impacted by various classes of instance types, even with identical basic resource characteristics like CPU cores and clocking, memory and storage.

Performance measurement for cloud workloads shall be organized via an automated and efficient process to quickly produce reliable data.

The job of planning and analysis of cloud consumption costs should incorporate performance data to achieve greater savings while keeping overall application performance above SLAs.

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