Radar and EW Video Demonstrations:
RF Component Test and Verification

This page contains demonstrations relevant to Section 3 of the Engineering for Advanced Radar and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, providing videos to assist understanding of the concepts and tools mentioned within specific chapters.

Videos relating to other sections of the book can be found here:

Engineering for Advanced Radar and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

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Section 3 - RF Component Test and Verification
Video: VNA Portfolio Spotlight - characterize beyond S-parameters with proven hardware and advanced software

Keysight's experience in RF component test has led to the broadest selection of Network Analyzers available today in a range form-factors to suit your needs: The PNA-X  benchtop VNA is the world's most integrated and flexible single-connection multi-measurement microwave test engine. Increase your port density with PXIe format VNAs, or chose the USB-based Streamline series. To carry precision with you, the battery-operated FieldFox combination analyzer is the right choice.

Chapter 9 - Figures of Merit Aid Amplifier Distortion Assessment
Video: High-performance Spectrum Analysis for PNA Vector Network Analyzers

This video shows how the new spectrum analyzer option for Keysight PNA family of vector network analyzers adds fast spurious search to the suite of measurements for RF and microwave frequency converters.

Chapter 10 - Determine Your Optimal Noise Figure Measurement Method
Video: Measure Noise Figure Anywhere

The fundamentals of Noise Figure are defined by the Friis equation, and it is easy to prove why the first stage of any receiver can be the most significant contributor to the noise figure of the overall system. This video highlights the FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer to demonstrate a noise figure measurement on a preamplifier.

Chapter 11 - Select the Appropriate Phase Noise Test Solution
Video: Phase Noise Test System

The N5511A Test System is flexible and designed to measure phase noise down to the kT thermal noise limits of physics. This video shows a mmWave demo with cross-correlation to remove internal system noise.

Chapter 12 - Measure S-Parameters with Increased Confidence
Video: Device Expert: Guided Measurement Setup on the PNA Network Analyzer

Device Expert, available on PNA and PNA-X firmware, is a measurement configuration assistant that aides users in setting up and optimizing complex measurements for various types of devices.
Video: Real time Uncertainty At Millimeter Wave frequencies

It is easy to underestimate the challenges that arise when working at millimeter-wave frequencies. Connectors dimension, extremely high frequencies and large bandwidths makes those measurements very challenging and prone to errors.
Our latest millimeter-wave network analyzers: the N5291A, aim to make those measurements more accessible to the user.
A lot of effort in the development of this solution was dedicated to guarantee a traceable measurement uncertainty for key performance parameters such as residual calibration errors, system dynamic accuracy, and stability.
This presentation will explain in detail the technology and the methodology used to achieve this.
Video: DC-67 GHz Electronic VNA Calibration

Traditionally, you would need a mechanical calibration kit to cover low frequencies at or near DC. The new N469XD electronic calibration module can calibrate your vector network analyzer (VNA) from DC all the way up to 67 GHz with just one connection.

Chapter 14 - Expand Insight into Nonlinear Behavior and Modeling
Video: Complete Linear and Non-linear Characterization of Active Components

The PNA-X is the world’s most integrated and flexible microwave test engine for measuring active devices like amplifiers, mixers and frequency converters. Nonlinear component characterization provides strong insight into the nonlinear behavior of your device under test (DUT). Now you can quickly and easily measure and display the calibrated, vector corrected waveforms of the incident, reflected and transmitted waves of the DUT. With this capability, you can know explicitly the amplitude and phase of each distortion product of interest. All measured spectra is traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

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