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Witness Keysight’s New Solution for Radar Scene Emulation 
Electric Vehicle with abstract Autonomous Radar
Don’t miss the automotive radar test event of the year
Join Janet Ooi, Autonomous Vehicle Solution Lead, and other top Keysight executives and automotive experts as they unveil a revolutionary new emulation solution for in-lab testing of autonomous drive systems with radar sensors. 

Achieving the next level in vehicle autonomy demands robust ADAS algorithms trained to interpret radar reflections from automotive radar sensors. Witness how you can: 
  • Sharpen your ADAS radar vision  
  • Better train your ADAS algorithms with complex, real-world radar scenes 
  • Shift testing of complex driving scenarios from the road to the lab  
Creating ADAS algorithms is complex, with many variables involved. Your emulation system should not be one of them.  

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Original Broadcast Date: December 15, 2021
Duration: 35 minutes

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Ee Huei Sin - Keysight Technologies
Ee Huei Sin
President, Electronic Industrial Solutions Group 
Keysight Technologies
Thomas Goetzl - Keysight Technologies
Thomas Goetzl
VP, Automotive & Energy Solutions 
Keysight Technologies
Janet Ooi - Keysight Technologies
Janet Ooi
Autonomous Vehicle Solution Lead 
Keysight Technologies

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