Preview Samples of the U3851A RF Microwave Circuit Design, Simulation and Measurement Courseware, 5G NR n3


Keysight’s RF Microwave Lab Courseware focuses on end-to-end RF circuit design flow, and integrates industry-oriented, real-world examples to prepare students for emerging technology trends. The lab courseware comes with a modular prototype kit utilizing a 1.8 GHz receiver module – a 5G New Radio n3 band – as well as lab sheets and assignments that focus on the complete physical design spectrum, from specifications and simulation to prototype building and validation.

The RF Microwave Lab Courseware forms a core component of the Keysight RF Microwave Teaching Solution. In addition to the lab courseware, this comprehensive solution includes Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and PathWave System Design (SystemVue), as well as hardware instruments such as network analyzer, RF signal generator and RF spectrum analyzer.

The lab sheets cover the following topics:

Lab 1  Transmission Lines

Lab 2  Filter

Lab 3  Low Noise Amplifiers

Lab 4  Driver and Power Amplifiers

Lab 5  Oscillator and Synthesizers

Lab 6  Mixers                                                                                  

Lab 7  5G Receiver Design, Simulation and Measurement

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