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Power Integrity and PMIC Sequencing Test

August 24, 2021
10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET
60 minutes

The DC power rail, while necessary to power most of today’s electronics, is often a source of difficulty. Not only are the number of power rails increasing, their operating tolerances are becoming tighter, they have power up/down sequencing requirements, expected efficiencies, and require load stability.

Why is this? Because signal integrity is directly proportional to power rail integrity due to effects like power supply induced jitter (PSIJ). Device functional operation depends on clean, stable power rails. Power distribution networks are also a large source for EMI/EMC. Increased efficiency is expected whether to improve battery life or to be green. Improved power integrity can help mitigate these issues. 

In this webinar, Keysight’s Power Integrity Lead Kenny Johnson will discuss the importance of power integrity related measurements like PDN impedance, power rail integrity, PMIC Power Sequencing, PSRR, control loop response, static/dynamic loads (current), and radiated emission.  He will also include a demonstration using the new 8-channel Infiniium MXR-series.

This webinar covers power integrity measurements and is part five of Keysight’s 7-part "All About Power" webinar series.  
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson
Power Integrity Lead
Keysight Technologies

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