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Power Semiconductor Considerations for Converter Design
April 21, 2022 | 10:00 am (GMT +8)
Power semiconductors are essential in power converter design, but data sheets often do not provide sufficient information for the circuit designer. This webinar is targeted at power circuit designers who may not have extensive power semiconductor knowledge, but who would like to understand better how to select the right power semiconductors to meet their converter design needs. 
DC and AC Power Fundamentals
Available On-Demand
We’ll cover theoretical topics of electrical power including: Resistance and resistivity, RMS power, real versus apparent power (power factor), AC power (resistive, capacitive, and inductive loading), Power transmission and three-phase power, and power conversion (e.g.  AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC). 
Power Source and Electronic Load Basics
Available On-Demand
We will cover theoretical topics of  various types of sources such as two-quadrant power supplies, source measurement units (SMUs), and regenerative power supplies.  We’ll also review DC electronic load operation and applications. To enable selection of the right power source and electronic load for your application, our Keysight expert will offer tips on interpreting specification sheets and determining the right power solution for the given task.   
Practical Power Sourcing and Measurement Considerations
Available On-Demand
This webinar will focus on the on the practical aspects of using power supplies and electronic loads in an application.  If you’ve ever wanted to optimize your power instrument for your application, then these topics will be of great interest to you. 
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