Dr Joel Dunsmore
Dr. Joel Dunsmore
Keysight Fellow
Keysight Technologies
Keysight’s new DDS source in the PNA and PNA-X Network Analyzers makes phase and group delay measurements 10 times faster with 30 times less noise in the trace.  Join Keysight Fellow Dr. Joel Dunsmore as he walks through short measurement demonstrations highlighting these new enhancements. 
Noise Figure Measurement Comparison Webinar
Original webinar date: February 8, 2022
In this webinar, Keysight Fellow Dr. Joel Dunsmore will show Noise Figure measurements on multiple instruments such as the Network Analyzer, Signal Analyzer, and the Noise Figure Analyzer.

This will be a direct comparison showing demonstrations on each of these solutions in the lab.
Distortion Characteristics
Demo: Distortion Characteristics
Original webinar date: June 30, 2021
In this webinar Dr. Joel Dunsmore will demonstrate distortion characteristics under CW Drive with two-tone intermodulation distortion.  With modulation drive, error-vector magnitude (EVM) and Adjacent Channel Power (ACP) will also be demonstrated.
Spurious Testing
Demo: Spurious Test
Original webinar date: June 16, 2021
In this webinar Dr. Joel Dunsmore will demonstrate close in carrier spurious, higher order mixing products, and spurious vs. LO drive level.
Noise Figure Measurements
Demo: Noise Figure Measurements on Converters
Original webinar date: June 2, 2021
In this webinar Dr. Dunsmore will demonstrate Noise Figure measurements on converters with embedded LO, mixers with external LO and high-gain considerations.
Power Dependent Measurements
Demo: Power Dependent Measurements on Converters
Original webinar date: May 19, 2021
One thing you want to know about your frequency converters is it’s gain compression or where the non-linear behavior starts. Join Keysight Fellow Dr. Joel Dunsmore as he gives a short 20-minute demo of this measurement on the PNA network analyzer with the enhanced DDS source.
Meet the Designers
Panel: Meet the Designers Behind the High-Performance DDS in the PNA
Original webinar date: May 5, 2021
Dr. Joel Dunsmore will host a panel discussion with the R&D team behind the innovative DDS source in the PNA/PNA-X Network Analyzer.  Join us for this 60 minute “Meet the Designers” panel session hosted by Dr. Joel Dunsmore to see how innovation happens at Keysight Technologies.
Phase Noise Measurements
Network Analyzer Phase Noise Measurements with Dr. Joel Dunsmore
Original webinar date: April 13, 2021
Dr. Joel Dunsmore will walk through a 20-minute demo highlighting Keysight’s PNA/PNA-X new DDS source with the new Phase Noise Measurement Application. 
Modern Converter Testing
DEMO: Modern Converter Testing Optimization by Dr. Joel Dunsmore
Original webinar date: March 30, 2021
Are you working in RF on radar or communications radios? Looking for tips and best practices to measure your frequency converters or mixers. Join this 30-minute demonstration by Dr. Joel Dunsmore as he walks through the setup and optimization of modern converter testing.      
Upgrade today
Why upgrade to the PNA-X with new DDS source presented by Sean Lee
Original webinar date: March 4, 2021
Are you wondering how it can help you measure complex components faster than your current equipment?  This short 30 minute webinar will dive into the key enhancements that will help simplify your test setup and reduce the test time for your active device characterization and how to upgrade your existing network analyzer with these new enhancements.  
10x Faster, 30x Cleaner
Introduction: 10x Faster, 30x Cleaner, and Phase Noise Too? New PNA-X DDS Enhancements
Original webinar date: February 17, 2021
This first in a series of webinars on mixer and converter test introduces recent enhancements which have greatly improved the ability of the PNA and PNA-X to characterize frequency converters and mixers.       

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