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Advanced Techniques for PCI Express 5.0 Simulation and Measurement Webinar

Original Broadcast Date: June 30, 2021
On Demand
60 Minutes

PCI Express 5.0 technology is one of the most advanced computer I/O standards ever to be conceived for the high-volume manufacturing marketplace. At 32GT/s with channel length losses up to -37dB at 16GHz Nyquist frequency, PCIe "Gen5" presents you with significant signal integrity challenges towards meeting its 1e-12 BER target in the face of reflections, crosstalk and inter-symbol interference. This webinar will highlight for you some of the most notable physical layer transmitter and receiver testing challenges for silicon, add-in card, and motherboard devices. In addition, we will show you innovative simulation techniques which can help you with device characterization and validation flow. The use of IBIS-AMI models and bit-by-bit simulations which provide you with non-linear equalization blocks will help you to accurately predict your system’s overall performance.
Rick Eads - Keysight
Rick Eads
Principal Program Manager
Keysight Technologies
Pegah Alavi - Keysight
Pegah Alavi
Senior Applications Engineer
Keysight Technologies

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