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10x Faster, 30x Cleaner, and Phase Noise Too? New PNA-X DDS Enhancements
Keysight’s new DDS source (available since Sept 2020) makes phase and group delay measurements 10 times faster with 30 times less noise in the trace. Further, the DDS has virtually no spurs and very low phase noise, meaning it is easier to see close-in spurious caused by an internal LO to the frequency converter.This first in a series of webinars on mixer and converter test introduces recent enhancements which have greatly improved the ability of the PNA and PNA-X to characterize frequency converters and mixers.  
In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The new phase-noise measurement application, utilizing the new DDS synthesizer as an LO, allows one to directly measure the phase noise of a frequency converter with an embedded LO 
  • The new DDS system provides an optional 3rd source (up to 13.5 GHz) that can be used to drive an LO of a mixer while 2 tones (combined internally from ports 1 and 3) can be applied to measure IMD 
  • The Modulation/Distortion (Mod/Dist) application with measurements on frequency converters 
  • The new method of source Digital Pre-Distortion that allows us to create very wideband signals (up to 4 GHz or more), with nearly perfect EVM even when driven at high powers.  
Joel Dunsmore - Keysight
Joel Dunsmore
R&D Fellow
Keysight Technologies
Original Date: February 17, 2021
Duration: 1 hour

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