Solutions for Wireless Network Benchmarking

Efficient benchmarking measurements improve customer quality-of-experience, reduce churn, and increase sales revenue

  • Ensure the competitiveness of your wireless network to optimize customer satisfaction and minimize churn 
  • Keysight provides the most effective solution in the market to measure, optimize, and benchmark all wireless networks from customer QoE perspective in one test drive
  • Nemo solutions enable fast comparison of multiple wireless operator networks against each other, both indoor and vehicle-installed drive testing
  • System capacity enables conducting all measurements in one drive test, connecting up to 150 smartphones simultaneously in Nemo Invex II 
  • Robust, accurate, easy to install and use, and power efficient
  • Designed for testing and benchmarking most OTT applications, VoLTE, VoNR and CSD calls, as well as high data rates enabled by 5G NR NSA, 5G NR SA, LTE 6 CC and beyond
  • The most comprehensive 5G NR chipset support in the market includes Samsung Exynos 5G and Qualcomm X50/X55 based terminals
  • Support for 5G NR, LTE-A, LTE-M, and NB-IoT enabled critical IoT use cases

Nemo WindCatcher and Nemo Analyze aggregate Network Performance Score (NPS) from field test data

Network Performance Score (NPS) focuses on experience quality as perceived by customers (QoE). NPS rates the overall QoE of a network based on main KPIs from different services and summarizes it as a single score. NPS is based on existing technology-agnostic KPIs as defined by ETSI and ITU-T. By default, NPS considers voice (40%) and data (60%) services but with Nemo solutions, customers can adjust the weights in all aggregation levels, according to country-specific characteristics and customer usage profiles.

The Nemo solution for NPS compares the quality of mobile networks and visualizes the quality of experience (QoE) that the end users perceive when running common applications inside a phone with real use cases in different environments. The NPS score aggregation has been integrated into the Nemo WindCatcher and Nemo Analyze products. Details of the NPS score can be easily studied and results visualized by clicking different views. 

Measure and calculate KPIs according to the latest standards

Nemo solutions provide a market-leading set of data and trigger points for benchmarking report calculation. Nemo solutions provide measurement results in a format that also enables using customer's own post-processing tools for calculation. Pre-made workbooks enable the creation of instant reports easily. Keysight’s Nemo analytics solutions can also be tailored to visualize KPIs from the operators’ latest benchmarking reports.

Nemo Analyze is a highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualize the results in a single report. Nemo Analyze supports all the major network technologies and provides a complete automated data processing chain with other Nemo tools from raw measurement data to automatically generated results in workbook format.

Nemo WindCatcher is a vendor-neutral, multi-data analytics solution that provides the most comprehensive network analysis available in the market. Supports a wide range of data inputs, e.g. drive test data, including 5G NR, and Operations Support Systems (OSS) data. Nemo WindCatcher Server automates key drive test use cases, such as acceptance, benchmarking, optimization, and monitoring.

Measure real consumer UX directly in the UE

  • Nemo Active Testing Application (NATA) performs on-device measurements where all services and data protocols are running in a smartphone
  • Measurements are made running the same applications on the smartphone that real consumers use
  • Performs measurements from end-user perspective and provides insight on the real QoE. NATA uses IMS/VoLTE protocols, settings and OTT applications of the UE in the very same way as real consumers would use. The NATA solution is cost-effective and easy-to-use, preventing user errors as additional hardware for audio MOS and other measurements is not needed. It is also a future-proof solution. 
  • The Nemo solution supports consumer application and service testing for customer experience benchmarking for the most common applications like YouTube, Netflix, Dropbox, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The solution measures key service accessibility, retainability, and integrity KPIs that can impact customer QoE as well as in-depth KPIs for the most commonly used applications. 
  • Many other Android applications like Snapchat, Line, WeChat and Ookla Speedtest, can be run inside the test terminal

Walk testing in indoor premises

  • Nemo Walker Air is a lightweight tablet-controlled solution for measuring with up to seven devices, including a portable scanner
  • Nemo Backpack enables measuring with up to 12 smartphones and two scanners simultaneously, connected to a laptop running Nemo Outdoor
  • Real time KPIs and control from Nemo Cloud
  • Instant reporting
  • Predefined routes
  • Automatic indoor markers
  • DAS antenna verification

Drive testing

  • Effective drive testing in urban and suburban areas, highways, countryside
  • Full range of drive test accessories to a car, including two different sized roof top boxes, temperature-regulated enclosures, and window and table mounting kits
  • Autonomous probes for unattended, cloud-controlled measurements
  • Nemo Invex II with support for up to 150 simultaneous test devices to measure all social media apps and data and voice performance with one test drive 
  • Phone battery eliminator for ultimate robustness

Complete range of benchmarking accessories maximize efficiency

  • Nemo Intelligent Device Interface (NIDI) can be used with a temperature-regulated enclosure, roof top boxes, and window and table mounting kits.
  • Roof top box enables benchmarking with 8 or 24 phones, requires temperature-regulated enclosures
  • Nemo Backpack is a compact and cost-effective benchmarking solution for indoor and outdoor use with Nemo Outdoor. Nemo Outdoor with Nemo Backpack supports field measurements with up to 12 mobile devices simultaneously
  • Nemo Carrying Case is a compact and cost-effective benchmarking solution for use with Nemo Outdoor with support for up to eight test mobiles/data cards, a scanner and a sound card

Roof top box

Window and table mounting kits

Nemo Backpack

Nemo Carrying Case

Nemo Backpack

Learn more about Nemo Solutions for benchmarking

Nemo Intelligent Device Interface 5G NR drive test and benchmarking solution

Nemo Intelligent Device Interface is a revolutionary device control solution for 5G NR and LTE-A QoS and QoE measurements. Nemo Intelligent Device Interface can be used together with our drive test and benchmarking tools Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Invex II.

Nemo Walker Air in-building benchmarking solution

Nemo Walker Air is an ideal solution for performing indoor measurements and benchmarking on multiple technologies with up to seven test terminals. An optional Nemo Walker Air backpack provides a customized, lightweight, and compact carrying solution for the system.

Nemo Invex II benchmarking solution

Nemo Invex II is the most powerful and advanced benchmarking system for testing with large wireless device configurations with high data rates and with rich suite of application testing options. The system enables testing with up to 50 test UEs and with up to four scanners simultaneously with lower power consumption per device, giving operators, network vendors, regulators, and contractors the possibility to benchmark voice and data services on all available wireless technologies in one test drive

Nemo Outdoor drive test solution

Industry-first 5G NR support with Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone family, Qualcomm X50/55 and Samsung Shannon chipset-based devices, third-party scanning receivers, and FieldFox spectrum analyzer. Nemo Outdoor enables 5G NR beam and massive MIMO (mMIMO) drive tests and field measurements.

Nemo Autonomous Probe unattended measurement solution

Nemo Autonomous Probe is an ideal solution for performing automated, unattended large-scale measurements. Nemo Autonomous Probe enables continuous measurements and benchmarking of up to four networks.

Nemo Analyze professional drive test post-processing solution

Nemo Analyze is a highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualize the results in a single report. Nemo Analyze supports all major network technologies.

Nemo WindCatcher multi-data analytics solution

Nemo WindCatcher is a vendor-neutral, multi-data, multi-wireless access technology analytics solution. It supports a wide range of data inputs, including 5G NR, and all major data collection tools on the market, and it is optimized for heterogeneous test environments and processes.
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