Optimizing EVM Measurements
EVM Measurements
Best Practices for Optimizing Your EVM Measurement
Wireless technologies increase signal bandwidth and use higher-order modulation schemes in order to achieve faster data rates. Millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies pose challenges related to link quality requirements because of wider bandwidths and higher-order modulation schemes. The engineers should pay extra attention when evaluating RF components and devices. An error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement provides powerful insight into the performance of digital communications transmitters and receivers. For any digital modulation format, EVM measurement is sensitive to any signal flaw that affects the magnitude and phase trajectory of a signal.

In this webinar, we explore the best practices for optimizing EVM measurements, and the different ways to characterize EVM.
Original Webinar Date: September 14, 2022
Time: On-demand
Duration: 1 hour

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Paris Akhshi, PhD
Paris Akhshi, PhD
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