Design and Deliver the Ultimate Wi-Fi 6E Performance
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Each generation of Wi-Fi has been about higher order modulation and throughput. For the first time, Wi-Fi 6 introduces orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) enabling transmission of multiple clients by sharing the frequency bandwidth concurrently.  

The driver for Wi-Fi 6E is better Wi-Fi client operation in high density scenarios.
Wi-Fi 6E takes Wi-Fi into a new realm that enjoys the benefit of a much larger 6GHz spectrum capacity.   

Join this session and learn how to gain insight into your access-point performance under OFDMA and verify if improvements in latency and qualify of experience are achieved.  

In this webinar we will review:

  • the Keysight architecture and test methodology that ensures the visibility you have into your access point (AP)  Wi-Fi performance
  • how traffic load or client count affects the AP decision in single/multi-user scenarios
  • how to characterize your AP performance through quality of experience (QoE) metrics
  • 6GHz performance vs. existing 5GHz operation  
Original Broadcast Date: September 14, 2022
Now available on-demand
Duration: 1 hour

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