PathWave ADS 2023 for High-Speed Digital Design and Simulation
High-Speed Digital Design and Simulation
PathWave ADS software for high-speed digital design provides a powerful, integrated design and simulation environment to create digital twins and handle the complexities of today’s memory design and SerDes standards. The design environment helps you perform advanced measurements, run faster simulations, and gain critical insights to overcome signal integrity and power integrity challenges. PathWave ADS for memory design minimizes your engineering effort when setting up and extracting EM models, simulating buses, and performing DDR5 compliance testing on virtual waveforms.

Join Keysight experts in our upcoming launch and annual software release webinar for a focus on the innovations to help your designs in these key SI/PI Use Cases.
In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Memory Design: New parameterized memory buses can be constructed much faster using the new pre-layout builder, enabling exploration of system design tradeoffs.
  • Signal Integrity: New AMI Modelers for PCIe Gen 5/6, USB4, and Ethernet uniquely provide a compete reference channel digital twin to obtain a more realistic simulation faster.
  • Power Integrity: Now find, troubleshoot and analyze the source of Conducted and Radiated EMI leakage issues
  • Power Electronics:  Build your own switching device models for designing Switched-Mode Power Supplies with accurate custom characteristics using the new Power Electronics Model Builder
  • Cutting your EM simulation time by 80%, with fast HPC (High Performance Computing), on-premise & turn-key in the Cloud 

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Original broadcast date: Tuesday September 13, 2022
Now available on-demand
Duration: 1 hour

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Stephen Slater - Keysight Technologies
Stephen Slater
SI & PI Product Planning and Marketing Manager
Keysight Technologies
Heidi Barnes - Keysight Technologies
Heidi Barnes
Power Integrity Product Owner
Keysight Technologies
Richard Duvall - Keysight Technologies
Richard Duvall
Sr Solutions Marketing Manager
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