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SatCom Systems Design
SatCom Systems Design
Part of Modern System Level Design for Aerospace & Defense
September 20, 2022 | 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET
With satellite competition growing exponentially, advanced virtual prototyping and design platform techniques are needed to keep pace. RF system architects, array antenna designers, RF module designers, DSP engineers, and system test engineers need to collaborate and stay connected to meet system requirements that are rapidly changing. Design teams need to drill down into any part of a design, measure components and bring results back into the system model to simulate with higher fidelity than ever possible.  

This session will illustrate how to meet these needs by performing an RF COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) design and validating performance in the RF domain using PathWave System Design. Design of a 3D/conformal array to be used on the LEO satellite is proposed. It will show how to use industry recognized STK scenario modelling to incorporate a dynamic channel model with complex modulated waveforms. Finally analyses using the same algorithm as the Test and Measurement hardware using the PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) Software will be demonstrated. 

Key Learnings:

  • Using COTS models to develop a satellite communications system 
  • Design and analysis of a 3D/conformal phased array 
  • Dynamic mission performance simulation using PathWave System Design and Ansys STK 
  • Co-simulation between PathWave System Design and PathWave VSA 

Laura Fabbri
Dr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres
Systems Simulation Application Scientist
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