MOSFET Aging Solution Webinar
Measurement, Modeling, Extraction and Circuit Simulation
In the advanced CMOS technology and mission-critical applications, the aging simulation has become a mandatory part of the design flow to guarantee the designed circuit lifetime. An accurate device aging model is consequently required to apply for aging simulation.

In this joint webinar of Keysight and Synopsys, we will introduce the whole flow of the MOSFET aging solution. This webinar will start with the aging model introduction and Synopsys aging model solutions. Then we will discuss how to extract the MOSRA model using Keysight B1500A, PathWave WaferPro (WaferPro Express), and PathWave Model Builder (MBP) software. Finally, we will also introduce the MOSRA aging analysis in circuit simulation.

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Date: 2022/4/13
Time: 14:00 PM Taipei
Duration: 1 hour



Janice Deng
Application  Engineer
Keysight Technologies
XuGuang Shen
R&D, Custom Design and Manufacturing Group, device modeling team

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