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5G Base Station Conformance Test Series
5G Base Station
Before 5G NR base stations can be released to the market, they must pass all the test requirements specified by standards. Conformance testing is a crucial element of the base station lifecycle, which requires a thorough understanding of specifications and implementation. This webinar series discusses the testing requirements for 5G NR base station transmitters and the challenges that arise in high frequencies and wide bandwidths such as mmWaves. Learn how to test your base stations using the new designs in Keysight's solutions while remaining compliant and performing the most accurate signal analysis. 3 categories are covered: 5G NR release 16 and beyond, 5G private networks, and O-RAN radio unit conformance testing.
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Ensure Your Base Station Tx Conformance with 5G NR Rel 16

Original webinar date: April 21, 2022
We will discuss the 3GPP conformance test requirements for base station transmitters, the challenges imposed by 5G NR on base station transmitter conformance testing, and how they affect signal analysis. Furthermore, we will discuss the latest updates in the signal analysis world to help you overcome your testing challenges, achieve the highest level of conformance in testing your base stations, and plan your design accordingly.

Base Station Signal Quality for 5G Private Networks

Original webinar date: May 3, 2022
We will explore the 3GPP features that enable 5G private networks as well as the challenges posed by testing 5G base station transmitters in private networks. More specifically, we will discuss the best tips and tricks to optimize signal quality (EVM) measurement in 5G private networks and the latest in signal analysis to tackle your testing challenges. An accurate and insightful testing process will help your smart factories prepare, deploy, and operate faster while using network resources more efficiently and accurately.

O-RAN Radio Unit Conformance Testing

Original webinar date July 13, 2022
We will cover O-RAN radio unit (RU) conformance testing and the challenges associated with conducting these tests. In addition, Keysight's O-RU conformance test setup will be discussed to help you validate O-RAN conformance and performance of the open fronthaul implementation across RF and protocol measurement domains.
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