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Network Digital Twins Webinar
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Latest Technology in Cyber Defense!
In the multi-domain battlefield, personnel rely on a geographically dispersed, connected network of sensors, platforms, and weapon systems to execute their missions in harsh and contested environments. Mission planning must accurately incorporate the evaluation of network performance and cyber resilience in a holistic survivability context based on realistic tactical environments. The network digital twin concept has become a viable solution to mission assurance through network planning, deployment, reconfiguration, and resilience to electromagnetic spectrum operations.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the SCALABLE network digital twin concept has become a solution to mission assurance against cyber threats
  • Mission specific cyber tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • The benefits of a holistic mission view versus the traditional isolated network approach

Original Webinar Date: February 16, 2022
Duration: 40 minutes

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Lloyd Wihl
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