Empowering 5G Innovations brings you the latest industry trends across the 5G ecosystem via a series of live webinars that address the top design and test challenges engineers like you are facing.

Take the opportunity to review key technologies, dive deep into use cases, and hear directly from industry players on how they collaborate with Keysight to empower their recent 5G innovations.
State of the Art Solutions for 5G Device Performance Testing

Discover three New Product Introductions in one webinar! Explore these new solutions for evaluating 5G devices prior to market introduction. Validate your device performance against functional key performance indicators (KPI), beam management and MIMO antenna performance across different spatial fading conditions and reproducing recorded field scenarios into a lab set up. 
Testing 5G NR Focus in 3GPP Releases 15/16: CA and Low-Power Features

This presentation provides an overview of two major feature enhancements in 5G NR Rel-15/16, focused on carrier aggregation (CA) and user equipment (UE) power saving. 

Coverage and capacity are important aspects in 5G, especially in the early stage of deployment. CA is a way to increase the radio interface transmission bandwidth which increases user throughput, utilises scattered spectrum and improves load balancing between carriers.  

Meanwhile, with the accelerated evolution in UE and data connectivity demands for different types of traffic and applications, reducing UE power consumption has become a hot topic in the industry.   
Enhancing Performance Using Digital Twins

When we design products for a wireless world, performance is a critical goal.  
In 5G, each of the three use cases – eMBB, mMTC, and URLLC represents different aspects of performance.  Product designers need to meet new challenges to ensure key performance indicators such as data throughput, device density, and latency. 
However, measuring and optimizing performance is often difficult, especially in a wireless setting, where everything between the protocol, the environment, the user behavior is never static. In a dynamically varying environment, it is essential to construct a virtual representation of the physical environment called the "digital twin", enabling us to create real-world scenarios, virtually.

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