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Keysight's Automotive Pit Stops: Double Pulse Test


All it takes is 15 minutes to get up to speed on key topics that can make or break your next automotive innovation. Take a pit-stop today and join us for a live 15-minute Q&A with Keysight automotive experts on topics such as battery cell test, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), and automotive Ethernet.  

Demand for power semiconductors in the automotive market is on the rise thanks to the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs). Ensuring these semiconductors are designed and tested for reliable operation in EVs is no easy task. Join Keysight’s Mike Hawes as he answers your questions live on how to achieve reliable and repeatable dynamic characterization of your power semiconductors using Double Pulse Test.
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Mike Hawes
Power Applications Consultant
Keysight Technologies
Mike has worked for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Keysight Technologies for over 35 years.  He has had many different engineering and management jobs, primarily focused on automotive test, wireless handset test and Power/Energy applications.  Currently, Mike is a Power Solution Consultant for Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions business.
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Cheryl Ajluni
Director Automotive Solutions Marketing
Keysight Technologies
Cheryl is currently the Director of Solutions Marketing at Keysight Technologies, but throughout her career has worked as a technical editor and editor-in-chief for magazines like Electronic Design and Wireless Systems Design. As a patented engineer with a B.Sc. in physics and mathematics from the U.C. Davis, she has had a hand in the design and test of solar arrays for communications satellites and failure analysis of semiconductor chips. Cheryl has also co-authored multiple books on topics like RF circuit design and wireless systems design.

A self-proclaimed nerd, with an affinity for taking apart electronic gadgets just to see how they work, she is the proud owner of more IoT devices then she can count and is always looking to expand her collection.

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