Parametric Handbook Rev 4 Publication


Download a copy of this valuable handbook for scientists, engineers and technicians

Get the latest version (Edition 4) of Keysight Technologies’ popular Parametric Measurement Handbook. Since its initial release in 2010, this handbook has proven itself to be an invaluable reference tool for scientists, engineers and technicians involved with any aspect of parametric test. It is filled with tips to help both novice and advanced users, and the latest edition includes an entirely new section devoted to power device test and characterization.

Key topics covered in this handbook:

  • Parametric measurement basics
  • SMU fundamentals
  • On-wafer parametric measurements
  • Time-dependent and high-speed measurements
  • Resistance, diode and transistor measurements
  • Semiconductor capacitance measurement
  • Power device characterization
  • Here are the Table of Contents (use your back key to return to this page)

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