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September 22 - 24

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The time to implement 5G is now. Learn how to emulate the latest 5G devices and networks, increase the performance of your 5G innovations, and streamline your workflow — today.
Cars are evolving dramatically, as is their use of electronics to enable the future of transportation. When safety is in the balance, validating these things demands accuracy and precision that go far beyond “pass” or “fail.”
Take a sneak peek into a variety of exciting new design and test techniques used in Quantum Computing, mmWave, or Space Technology. Learn how to accurately model and predict real-world behavior to improve performance and safeguard your designs.
Learn how Keysight’s unique solutions help you master every aspect of high speed digital designs across all product development stages – from design and simulation through analysis, debug, and compliance test.
Learn how to survive – and even thrive – as the ability to measure helps you manage not just the traffic on your network, but its security as well.
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