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Keysight PathWave Webinars
Accelerate your product design cycle with integrated circuit design and simulation software. Know your performance under simulated real-world conditions before you build. Achieve design success with a complete desktop flow.

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Overcoming DDR challenges with DRAM AMI modeling 

With DDR getting into the multi-gigabit range, we see memory systems adopting high-speed serial technologies. New memory devices are using equalization (e.g. DDR5) and/or multi-level modulations (e.g.  DDR6X and GDDR7 with PAM4). As a result, designing with DDR becomes more challenging than ever before and standard signal integrity analysis is no longer sufficient.
PathWave Design 2023 Webinar Series

Welcome to the PathWave Design 2023 webinar series. This series of events covers the newest features and enhancements coming in the various PathWave Design 2023 solutions for design and modeling engineers. It also demonstrates how Keysight’s customers are using PathWave EDA products to ensure more efficient and predictable design cycles. 
High-Speed Digital Design

Applications like modern data centers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) drive the need for higher bandwidth of serial links and faster memory implementations. Latest SerDes technologies and DDR5 are aiming to multi Gigabit per second. Getting to a compliant design requires knowledge on voltage and timing margins as well as parasitics of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). These webinars cover the latest in Signal and Power Integrity.
PathWave Design Power Electronics Webinars
PathWave Design Power Electronics Webinars

Wide bandgap semiconductors such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) are driving the next generation of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). They allow for greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight, and eventually lower overall cost. However, their higher switching speeds also introduce new design challenges. The inductance of layout parasitics can cause voltage spikes in the presence of high di/dt values. It can also generate unwanted conducted and radiated electromagnetic interferences (EMI). When unaccounted for, these factors could cause your design to fail.
Modern System Level Design for Aerospace & Defense

More than ever, aerospace and defense companies must lower costs, accelerate their R&D, and reduce risk, all while simultaneously maintaining a high level of mission readiness. 
Keysight is addressing these design challenges for RF and microwave applications, particularly for aerospace and defense applications. In this series of one hour events, we cover the most important aspects of a modern system level design flow for this industry.
Simulating for High-Speed Digital Insights

The latest technology for serial links and memory interfaces is getting into the multi-gigabit range. We see them adopting multi-level modulations and more advanced data recovery methods. As a result creating a stable and compliant design is more challenging than ever before and standard signal integrity analysis is no longer sufficient.

Keysight is offering a design flow, which gives you all the insights you need. In this webinar series, our experts will cover leading edge applications of Keysight's premier SerDes and Memory simulation platform, PathWave ADS, with respect to Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI simulation and analysis.

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