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Keysight High-Speed Digital Webinars
Keysight High-Speed Digital Webinars
High-Speed Digital (HSD) standards are evolving quickly, and each generational change introduces new test challenges for your digital designs.

During this webinar series we can help you to understand how to anticipate fundamental test challenges such as transmitter testing with a high-speed oscilloscope, probing, jitter, crosstalk analyses and receiver testing using a BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester).
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Power Integrity & Sequencing Test

In this webinar, Keysight’s Power Integrity Lead Kenny Johnson will discuss the importance of power integrity related measurements like PDN impedance, power rail integrity, PMIC Power Sequencing, PSRR, control loop response, static/dynamic loads (current), and radiated emission.
Oscilloscope Measurement Fundamentals

In order to make accurate and repeatable measurements, it is critical to understand the key fundamentals of your oscilloscope. Several factors can influence your measurement results.
Probing Signals in High-Speed Digital Designs

Probing is often an underestimated part of your measurement system, but making the right connection, with the right probe is critical to making accurate and repeatable measurements.
Jitter & Crosstalk Analyses using Real-time Oscilloscopes

To characterise high-speed serial buses, jitter measurements are key to determine the quality of the signal being transmitted and provides a quick view of the bit error ratio (BER). The measurement of jitter is a sophisticated process taking into account receiver clock recovery, knowledge of phase locked loops (PLLs), jitter decomposition techniques, effects of crosstalk and waveform statistics in order to produce a fairly accurate jitter decomposition model for the real-world designs.
Receiver Test Using a BERT

Bit Error Rate Test Solutions are required for Characterisation and Compliance Tests of high-speed digital receivers in many digital interfaces (PCIe, USB, SATA, Display Port, Thunderbolt etc.) and in Data Centers with electrical and optical interconnects.
Validate your signal integrity faster

Join Infiniium MXR-Series Oscilloscopes product manager Mike Hoffman to learn to test with ease from bring-up to compliance on any design.

Mike shows demonstrations on how to get the most out of your oscilloscope. 

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