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For those who participated in Keysight World 2021, you saw how technology was driving the future of connectivity, the digital transformation, and security in a connected world. We have now created six new industry focused webinars capturing some of the latest ideas and technologies in some of the hottest technology areas.

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Keysight has technical resources and test solutions available for you to handle all your toughest test challenges in autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and electronic board manufacturing test. See what our Automotive Customer Center in Novi, MI can do to help your next automotive innovation succeed. This webinar will include a panel session with presentations from local experts, short demo videos, and a question & answer session.
Keysight’s Automotive Customer Center (ACC) – Novi, MI, USA
Now Available On-Demand | Original Air Date: January 26, 2022

University Research & Education

Thanks to the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT, we are seeing a digital transformation in almost every aspect of our lives. In higher education, the COVID pandemic accelerated a trend that had been in place for several years to optimize learning delivery and student access through technology. Please join us to hear firsthand how industry leaders and academic professionals are working together to adapt and prosper in this new paradigm.
Digital Transformation in Academia
Now Available On-Demand | Original Air Date: February 2, 2022

Quantum Computing

A major challenge towards realizing practical quantum computation is predicting the reliability and capacity of quantum computer hardware and suppressing the effects of quantum errors during computations.  This talk begins with a high-level overview of the quantum computing industry from applications to the hardware leaders, followed by a discussion on how Quantum Engineering Solutions at Keysight is helping both the hardware leaders and users of quantum computers achieve the true capabilities of quantum computing hardware with True-Q Software Solutions.
Turbocharging Quantum Hardware Platforms Toward Quantum Advantage
Now Available On-Demand | Original Air Date: February 9, 2022

Aerospace & Defense

In the multi-domain battlefield, personnel rely on a geographically dispersed, connected network of sensors, platforms, and weapon systems to execute their missions in harsh and contested environments. Mission planning must accurately incorporate the evaluation of network performance and cyber resilience in a holistic survivability context based on realistic tactical environments. The network digital twin concept has become a viable solution to mission assurance through network planning, deployment, reconfiguration, and resilience to electromagnetic spectrum operations.
Network Digital Twins
Now Available On-Demand | Original Air Date: February 16, 2022

Enterprise Networks

Cloud, edge computing, and the internet of things are transforming the way you do business. But the stakes have never been higher. You can’t just think you’re secure…you must prove it! Our enterprise networks panel session will discuss securing tomorrow's technology, safeguarding critical infrastructure, and strengthening your network defenses. The expert panel articulates how to gain insight into your entire network, so you see every packet, reveal your blind spots, pinpoint performance drags, and proactively identify vulnerabilities.
Protect What's Possible – Manage Risk, Strengthen Security, and See Your Network Clearly!
Now Available On-Demand | Original Air Date: February 23, 2022

5G Communications

Achieving new 5G breakthroughs calls for innovative solutions. Get the insights you need to overcome the latest design and test challenges from technical experts who eat, sleep, and breathe 5G. In the time it takes to drink your morning coffee, you’ll find out about the new technology trends surrounding 5G devices, base stations and networks, and get up to speed on solutions to overcome challenges across the workflow, from development to deployment. Keysight’s 5G Tech Days webinar series spans 3 days, where each day focuses on one part of the mobile ecosystem:

All sessions are now available on-demand:

  • Validate 5G Device Performance
  • Optimize gNB Performance
  • Maximize 5G Network Performance

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