Keysight World Technical Week - 5G Track
Keysight World Technical Week - 5G Track
5G networks deliver faster and more reliable communications. They open doors to exciting new connections to Internet of Things networks, autonomous driving, fixed wireless broadband, and faster video viewing. Learn the latest 5G update, equip yourself with O-RAN insights and test 5G successfully.
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5G NR Evolution: 3GPP RAN1 Update (Release 16 & 17)
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The 5G New Radio (NR) standard evolves fast. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) completed the first 5G NR release (Release 15) in June 2018. The next evolution is unfolding with Release 16. This new release will introduce capacity and operational enhancements and expand the standard to new verticals with cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) features and unlicensed spectrum operation. In this presentation, we investigate NR’s future and summarize 3GPP’s work on the physical layer for Release 16. We also explore 3GPP’s plans for the next step in NR’s evolution: Release 17.
WaveJudge Wireless Analysis Solution for 5G Monitoring
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Do you need visibility into the interaction of protocols and physical layers in wireless transmission? This presentation covers 5G network troubleshooting challenges and explains how Keysight's new wireless 5G monitoring solution with the recent acquisition of Sanjole can save you a lot of time.
WaveJudge 5000 provides new capabilities for 5G broadband analysis, and supports up to 8 carriers for TDD/FDD, up to 800MHz bandwidth, sub 6GHz and mmWave frequencies, MIMO and carrier integrated.
Open RAN Design and Build Your Own
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Introducing the Open RAN architecture, the O-RAN alliance and the contributions of Keysight within it. The Open RAN ecosystem currently faces several design and implementation challenges. We are partnering with global Open RAN customers, among which Keysight represents a comprehensive set of verification and field test solutions up to E2E to accelerate the development, integration and operation of O-RAN compliant networks. We offer Open RAN Architect (KORA).
High-Performance mmWave EVM Measurement
Available On-Demand

We will introduce how to improve the EVM measurement of beamformers and front-end modules, which are important in 5G mmWave communication systems. See how the newly released VCA analyzer configures and supports it.
Ensuring Accuracy of 5G Measurements
Available On-Demand

Testing of 5G devices has introduced more challenges for measurement accuracy and integrity.  This presentation will look at why calibration quality matters and how it has become more important in 5G applications with the move to higher frequencies, wider bandwidths and over-the-air measurements. We will look at why measurement uncertainty and guardbands are important considerations to ensure you maximize throughput and yield while minimizing cost of test. This could involve choosing the correct test equipment, changing test methodology and also ensuring the correct calibration of your test equipment.
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