Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. I filled out the entry form at but didn’t answer the questions on the second page. Am I still signed up?
A. Yes, you are signed up.

Q. How do I get additional entries?
A. There are a few ways to get more entries. 1: Submit answers to the questions on the page following the initial registration page for 10 additional entries. 2: Share the event using your unique URL. For each other person that signs up you get an additional entry (max 10). 3: Come back to each day March 15 – April 27 to get one additional entry per day.

Q. Why didn’t I receive an entry validation email?
A. First, check your junk/spam folder to make sure you never received it. If you still haven’t found the validation email, ensure you typed your email address correctly on your entry.

Q. How often can I enter?
A. Once February 1, 2021 – March 14, 2021, and once per day during the event period, March 15, 2021 – April 27, 2021.

Q. What time does the “day” reset, so I can enter again for the following day?
A. 12:00 AM, Mountain Time (MT)

Q. Do I have to enter every day to be eligible for that day’s drawing?
A. No, all valid entries for the duration of the entry period are included in each day’s drawing.

Q. I think I accidentally entered twice in one day! Am I disqualified?
A. We screen all winners after drawing their names to make sure they were following the rules. We will be reasonable and give people the benefit of the doubt (at our discretion).

Q. My name was drawn as a winner, why haven’t I heard anything from you yet?
A. If it’s been 5 business days and we haven’t contacted you using the contact information you provided on the entry form, someone with an identical name was drawn. Sorry!

Q. Is the drawing actually random? How are you making sure it’s random?
A. Yes, it is a random drawing. We use a third-party tool for winner selection that the Keysight legal team has determined to be sufficiently random.

Q: Why isn't my country included?
A: We work hard to include as many countries as possible, but we must remain compliant to local laws and regulations.

Q: If my country isn’t listed in the terms and conditions, can I still win?
A: No, unfortunately the sweepstakes is limited to the countries listed in the Keysight University Live 2021 Terms & Conditions.

Q. My question wasn’t answered, how do I contact you?
A. The best way to quickly get in touch with us for Keysight University Live questions is to comment on our Facebook page, comment on a related video on our YouTube channel, or email us at

Q. Where can I find the list of Keysight University Live winners?
A. The winners list can be found at Keysight University Live Winners

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