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Do Hyperscalers and Telcos Really Care About MACsec?
MACsec Hyperscalers Ethernet Webinar
Cloud and data center operators rely on advancing technologies to help them handle increased demand for both data throughput and data security. Selecting the right encryption technology to protect against most security attacks while still ensuring network performance is the key. Media access control security (MACsec) has evolved as a line-rate, data link layer (Layer 2) encryption solution to address the challenge of securing data and networks in high-speed Ethernet environments up to 400GE. Silicon and network equipment vendors now support MACsec in their next-generation chips, routers, and switches.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • The challenge of securing high-speed Ethernet networks
  • The advantages of MACsec technology
  • Effective MACsec performance benchmarking to ensure robust implementation, smooth deployment, and higher return on investment.
Original Webinar Date: December 7, 2021
Duration: 36 minutes

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Daisy Sun - Keysight Technologies
Daisy Sun
Product Management
Keysight Technologies
Alan Weckel - Keysight Technologies
Alan Weckel
Technology Analyst
650 Group
Yuanwen (Daisy) Sun has 15+ years of experience in networking and test measurement, specializing in routing/switching/MPLS, SDN, Data Center/Cloud, and 5G. She is the principal technical product manager at Keysight Technologies, managing network infrastructure test portfolio. Daisy holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California.
Mr. Weckel co-Founded the 650 Group in 2017 and is the Technology Analyst overseeing several industries, including Cloud, Server, Networking, and Merchant Silicon. Prior to starting the 650 Group, Mr. Weckel previously held positions at Cisco and Raytheon. Mr. Weckel is often quoted in the press, and speaks at various industry events.

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