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Keysight EDA's Advanced Design System (ADS) signal integrity & power integrity design resources help you jumpstart your designs with the latest in high-speed digital simulation tools.

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  • Download "8 Ways ADS 2016 Helps You Overcome Signal and Power Integrity Challenges"
    • Learn how ADS 2016, including two new EM software solutions - SIPro & PIPro – helps engineers improve high-speed link performance in PCB designs.
  • Download "Quick Start for Signal Integrity Design Using Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS)"
    • Apply for a FREE Trial of ADS and get started today!
  • Download our most popular seminar materials:
    • Numerous DesignCon, SPI, EPEPS, EMC, etc. papers and tutorials
    • "EMI/EMC Analysis for High Speed Digital Designs"
    • "ADS DDR4 Test Benches with Waveform Bridge to Instrument Certified DDR Test Compliance"
    • "DDR Bus Simulator Breakthrough – DDR4 Simulations"
  • Watch short, informational “how to” videos:
    • "How to Use Fixture De-embedding to Match Signal Integrity Simulations to Measurements"
    • "How to Design for Power Integrity: Finding Power Delivery Noise Problems"
    • "How to Design for Power Integrity: Selecting a VRM"
    • "How to Design for Power Integrity: Measuring, Modeling, Simulating Capacitors and Inductors"
    • “How to Characterize and Optimize Connector to Board Transition Designs”
  • Download application notes & technical papers:
    • DesignCon 2017 Papers featuring Keysight EEsof EDA Author
    • Poular Keysight authored papers on DDR4, IBIS-AMI Models, Impulse Response Models, Modeling Transmit Jitter, SERDES designs, and 28 Gb/s PCB channel

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