Your Designs Are Complex - Design Validation Doesn't Have to Be


Ensure you have effective and efficient data acquisitions with Keysight's new DAQ systems.

Product designs keep increasing in complexity. So does the breadth of product testing. When you need to test voltage, current, and temperature on a board design, you need high precision, connector flexibility, and simple programming for test sequences. 

Combine the latest precision of the DAQ970A multi-channel Data Acquisition (DAQ) system with the BenchVue programming capability to get:

  • Fast reading measurements up to 5000 readings/sec and scan rates up to 450 channels/sec
  • Ability to measure high voltages up to 300 Volts especially increasing trends for higher voltages across industry
  • Ability to measure wide temperature range (from -200 °C to 1800 °C) for many high performance applications
  • Ability to measure frequency of signals up to 300 kHz to measure mechanical rotary dynamics, power line cycles

Precision measurements across the widest range of signal types.  Speed your development process by providing your engineers test automation without programming and the widest range of measurement options with industry leading scan and reading rates.

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