Empowering 5G Innovations
Empowering 5G Innovations
Discover the latest industry trends across the 5G ecosystem via a series of webinars that address the top design and test challenges engineers like you are facing. 

Take the opportunity to review 5G key technologies, dive deep into use cases and hear directly from industry players on how they collaborate with Keysight to empower their recent 5G innovations
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5G Tech Days

Achieving new 5G breakthroughs calls for innovative solutions. Learn how to overcome the challenges to developing, manufacturing, and deploying 5G during Keysight’s 5G Tech Days.
Get the TRUE Performance of Your DUT Using ccEVM Measurement
Get the TRUE Performance of Your DUT Using ccEVM Measurement

Measuring the true performance of your device under test (DUT) in wireless and cellular industries requires a test system that can suppress the system noise to get a lower error vector magnitude (EVM) floor, even at higher frequencies and wider bandwidths.

Join Keysight experts in this webinar to learn how our cross-correlated EVM (ccEVM) technique can provide you with the ideal solution for the lowest EVM measurement so you can get the true performance of your DUT. 

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