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The second edition of the "RF and Microwave Circuit Design" textbook by Ali Behagi includes topics such as transmission lines, network parameters, Smith Charts, resonance circuits, filters, impedance matching, single-stage and multi-stage amplifiers.

Preview or download Chapter 2: Transmission Lines

The “100 RF and Microwave Design Examples” coupled with the 100 ADS workspaces will act as a step-by-step solution manual for the 100 examples in the book.  The solution manual helps university students and practicing engineers quickly master the analysis and design of RF and Microwave circuits.

These two valuable books are great resources for anyone who is involved in RF and Microwave Design.  The ADS workspaces contain useful design utilities and automated scripting for performing routine tasks. They are also excellent learning companions and can be a useful starting point for your designs.  Fill out the form to download the ADS workspaces.

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