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Day 1 - Aired September 23, 2021 | Military Grade 5G Communications
Day 2 - Aired September 30, 2021 | Advanced Measurements for AD
Day 3 - Aired October 7, 2021 | Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO)

Day 1 - Military Grade 5G Communications
Original Webinar Date: September 23, 2021 | Available On-Demand
Advanced Signal Analysis and 5G Network Test (50 minutes)
Explore the key technologies behind 5G such as beamforming and mmWave frequency band applications. 

5G for Satellite Communications (45 minutes)
Hear about the concept of 5G NTN, look at the key test challenges and potential interference issues in the network.

Accelerating Innovations in 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks  (25 minutes)
Get the status of 3GPP in 5G NTN, current technical issues, and the Keysight portfolio designed to aid 5G NTN research.  

Accelerating Innovations in 5G Vehicles  (20 minutes)
Ships and planes will have many transmitters and receivers on them, including communications transceivers and radar and Satcom signal. Simulate the signal environment in software using a combination of EMPro and SystemVue. Full-scale implementation on the target platform will be performed and tested.Periodic test and pre-mission inspection completes the full workflow. 

5G NTN Link Emulation with S8825A Satellite and Aerospace Channel Emulation Toolset (28 minutes)
Satellite and Aerospace Channel Emulation Toolset offers the capability to support satellite and cellular 5G use cases. The solution represents ready-made test scenarios with integrated measurement software which enable turnkey solutions for modelling orbital conditions.
Day 2 - Advanced Measurements for AD 
Original  Webinar Date: September 30, 2021 | Available On-Demand
Time to Digital Converters for Quantum Sensing Applications (17 minutes)
Quantum sensing experiment, Quantum LIDAR, which uses single photon detectors for detecting objects. 

Low Noise Processes and Characterization (45 minutes) 
In this paper, we will examine the sources of and processes which add noise in communication systems.See how phase/AM/baseband-noise is generated and interrelated and the impact on noise figure and dynamic range. 

Phase-Noise Theory (45 minutes) 
This paper explains phase noise theory and its impact on performance of RF/microwave systems. 

Phase Noise Measurement from DC to mmWave  (82 minutes) 
Multiple phase-noise measurement techniques will be described from DC to mmWave using various instruments. 

Simplifying VNA Measurement Setup and Optimization of Complex Active RF Devices (57 minutes) 
Learn a new approach to measurement setup and maintainability through a concept called DUT-Centric measurement interface. 
Day 3 - Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO)
Original Webinar Date: October 7, 2021 | Available On-Demand
Testing Mixed-Use Networks – Insights into a Complex Test Process (25 minutes)
We will walk you through a variety of complexities of testing mixed-use networks within defense applications.

Modern Deceptive Jamming (DRFM) Design  (50 minutes)
See the design of deceptive jammer repeater architecture using the PathWave System Design (SystemVue) platform. The completed system design is tested in a mission scenario to verify that the adversary radar has been successfully deceived. 

Developing Spectrum Intelligence to Advance Frequency Management  (30 minutes)
Learn the concepts of spectrum intelligence, and how it plays an important role to manage the spectrum, detect, and report anomalies, and identify good response profiles when things go wrong during spectrum operations.  
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