Superconductor and Spin Qubit Pre-Screening:
Accelerate Quantum Development 
Discover Ways to Speed Up the Advance Quantum Development Cycles
Keysight and FormFactor invite you to learn how to speed development cycles for advanced quantum development through an integrated measurement solution for pre-screening qubit devices at mK temperatures. The solution brings enormous benefits, i.e., reducing development cycle times by 2X, providing critical qubit performance parameters at 50mK, and much more. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • An overview of the required characterization process for superconducting qubit processors
  • Overcoming the challenges engineers face in advanced quantum development including:
              o Long development cycles
              o Complicated fabrication processes with few quality-control checks
              o DUT interfacing with time-consuming wire bonding
              o Packaging for cryogenic test and measurement
              o Extended cooldown times of >30 hours with dilution refrigerators
              o Low yield or poor qubit performance and frequency crowding

  • An integrated, automated solution to return initial qubit parameters and accurately pass/reject devices prior to final deployment in a dilution refrigerator.
Date: Thursday Sep 8, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM SGT (GMT +8)
Duration: 50 Minutes

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Philip Krantz
Business Developer & Quantum Physicist, Quantum Engineering Solutions,
Keysight Technologies
Jack DeGrave
Business Development Scientist in Quantum Technologies,
FormFactor Inc.

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