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We have prepared a 2-day technology webinar on Aerospace Defense and Satellite designs and measurement innovations. Keysight will help you get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry and various measurement technology challenges to enable you to accelerate the speed of design, test, and manufacturing without any loss of confidence. 
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Expedite Your Speed To Test For Next-Gen Satellite & Aerospace Defense Designs

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Whether you work in Space, Defense or Military, testing is a focused activity that helps increase confidence in the ability of a program to fulfill its mission over the expected lifespan. Testing is also a specialized activity requiring the right equipment that covers microwave and/or increasingly, millimeter-wave frequencies.  
Adopting the right state-of-the-art test methodologies with the appropriate test framework can help achieve the first mover advantage.  As designs get software heavy, it is imperative to ensure that these designs are rugged, works seamlessly with the Hardware architecture, and cover all corner cases in various modes of regression testing and behave accordingly in various environmental scenarios like altitude, temperature, humidity etc.

In this session, we will deep dive into various next-gen Aerospace Defense & Military test methodologies, the designer can adopt to ensure first to market advantage for their solutions and products. 

Time-Digital Converters for Quantum Sensing Applications

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The aerospace and defense industry is making significant investments in quantum sensing technologies. Research shows that quantum sensors take advantage of quantum properties like entanglement and state squeezing for improvements to sensitivity compared to their classical counterparts. This presentation describes one quantum sensing experiment, Quantum LIDAR, which uses single photon detectors for detecting objects. We propose the use case of a Keysight M3102A Digitizer configured into a photon counter for measuring these pulses.

Accelerating Innovations in 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

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One of the new features of 5G currently being defined by the 3GPP standards body is 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN). This feature hopes to achieve ubiquitous, or greater, coverage of 5G through space-borne or air-borne assets in areas that would not have coverage otherwise. Such a feature would be useful for ad hoc military networks on the battlefield, or for first responder applications, or for commercial and military usage across mountains, skies, or seas. As this feature is currently in the standards development phase, there isn’t yet any commercial off-the-shelf devices to test or prototype with. However, with Keysight equipment, you can simulate NTN links in software and prototype them with Keysight emulators. Keysight’s extensive portfolio of 5G test equipment will enable prospective NTN vendors to accelerate their innovations in 5G non-terrestrial networks.

Network Digital Twins

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In the multi-domain battlefield, personnel rely on a geographically dispersed, connected network of sensors, platforms, and weapon systems to execute their missions in harsh and contested environments. Mission planning must accurately incorporate the evaluation of network performance and cyber resilience in a holistic survivability context based on realistic tactical environments. The network digital twin concept has become a viable solution to mission assurance through network planning, deployment, reconfiguration, and resilience to electromagnetic spectrum operations.
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