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AC Grid Emulation Webinar

Proper Emulation of AC Grid Disturbances and Behavior for Product Development and Compliance Testing

Original Broadcast Date: June 1, 2021


Continuous changes and the ongoing evolution of our AC power grid has generated new grid codes and new grid compliance test requirements from distributed energy resources. 

Product developers of electric vehicle charging stations, on board chargers, energy storage systems, and photovoltaic inverters need to effectively emulate the AC grid to validate to different grid-types and various deviations in grid behavior. Grid code standard test protocols are extremely time-consuming, often taking weeks to months complete.

Keysight Technologies has a comprehensive test solution for these challenges that is versatile, reliable and provides flexible test sequencing to quickly edit, automate, analyze, and bring your product to market faster.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Challenges faced in grid disturbance test for product development
  • Defining an effective AC grid test environment
  • Keysight’s comprehensive test solution
Jim Duffy
Jim Duffy
Business Development Manager
Keysight Technologies
Matt Carolan
Kevin Cavell
Energy Solution Manager
Keysight Technologies
Matt Carolan
Matt Carolan
Application Engineer
Keysight Technologies

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