5G Summit 2022 - Day 2
The O-RAN and Private Networks of the Future
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O-RAN: The Next Big Thing in Telecom. It's representing mobile communication industry’s move toward an open, virtualized, and disaggregated architecture. O-RAN revolutionizes how mobile network operators (MNOs) can build their radio access networks (RANs) using a multivendor, interoperable, and autonomous supply ecosystem.

Leveraging O-RAN for smaller-scale private and venue networks is of interest to the mobile operators, systems integrators, cloud companies and RAN technology developers. How do we protect the integrity of the networks?

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Visibility into Private Networks

May 25, 2022 | 9:00 am SGT (GMT +8)
Private Networks for 5G would encounter the same challenge in obtaining the data from the 5G Cloud for monitoring. Keysight solves these challenges by providing both passive and active monitoring that are suitable for these environments especially in the mobile edge.

■ Speaker: Muhammad Kamal (Cybersecurity Solution Consultant, Keysight Technologies)

Private 5G Networks, Opportunities and Challenges

May 25, 2022 | 9:45 am SGT (GMT +8)
During this session, we will discuss the current global trends and developments of the 5G Private Networks as it pertains to various industries such as Industry 4.0, Mining, Energy and Utilities, Transport, Logistics, etc. 
Then we will discuss the challenges to enable 5G Private Networks, from infrastructure creation through implementation, and operation, across all stages of the private networks lifecycle.

■ Speaker: Jagadeesh Dantuluri (General Manager, Keysight Technologies)

Advancing Open RAN, Industry trends, Challenges, Standards, Test and Deployment

May 25, 2022 | 10:35 am SGT (GMT +8)
Open RAN (O-RAN) re-invents radio access networks with the dis-aggregation of hardware and software into cloud-native microservices designed to interoperate seamlessly over open interfaces specified by O-RAN ALLIANCE, thereby enabling deployments of multi-vendors O-RAN compliant networks.
O-RAN holds the potential for offering tremendous value to delivering unique connectivity experiences for the telco and verticals industries with the 5G standards today and 6G in the future.

■ Speaker: Eng Wei Koo (Director of Technology, 5G -Keysight Technologies)

Automated Performance Benchmarking (PBM) solution for O-RAN Readiness, Interoperability and End-to-End testing

May 25, 2022 | 11:30 am SGT (GMT +8)
Insights on Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks (PBM) enables mobile network operators to automatically benchmark and evaluate the performance of 5G devices, O-RAN deployments and base stations in a laboratory environment. It offers an end-to-end automation framework, from test plan definition and execution to reporting and analytics, all in a single user interface. The key focus is to help both vendors and operators test O-RU & O-DU readiness & Interoperability conforming to O-RAN WG4 specifications, Fronthaul delay and jitter measurements, as well as O-RAN End-to-End Testing based on Test & Integration Focus Group (TIFG) test guidelines.

■ Speaker: Dave Low (Solutions Marketing Manager, NEMO WIreless Solutions, Keysight Technologies)
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