5G Summit 2022 - Day 1
Delivering on 5G and 6G Vision Physical Layer
5G Summit 2022
Envision the Future of Wireless Communication in 5G Summit.

3GPP release 18 represents a major evolution of the 5G System to be branded as the first release of 5G Advanced. Among other improvements, Rel-18 will include major enhancements in the areas of artificial intelligence and extended reality that will enable highly intelligent network solutions that can support a wider variety of use cases than ever before.

6G research is in its very early stages. Going from100 Gbps to 1 Tbps is a key objective and an active area of research for 6G. However, it poses significant challenges, both from an RF perspective and baseband perspective. How do we make this happen?

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3GPP 5G NR Releases 17 & 18

May 24, 2022 | 9:00 am SGT (GMT +8)
5G New Radio (NR) has proven to be a fast-evolving standard with strong support from the industry. The next milestone in NR’s history is the unfolding of the new Release 17 to be finished by June 2022. With Release 17, NR keeps expanding to new applications (reduced capacity devices, non-terrestrial networks, etc.), covering new spectrum (up to 71 GHz) and enhancing performance.

In this webinar, we summarise 3GPP’s standardisation work, focused on the physical layer, for the new Release 17 and discuss about the future evolution of NR with Release 18.

■ Speaker: Javier Campos (L1 Architect & RAN1 Delegate, Keysight Technologies)

New Sub Terahertz R&D Testbed for 6G Research

May 24, 2022 | 10:00 am SGT (GMT +8)
Sub-Terahertz frequencies (100-300 GHz) with extreme modulation bandwidths are part of early 6G research. This presents many unknowns. One of those unknowns is exploring the level of system performance that is achievable and reasonable given new frequency bands, extreme modulation bandwidths, and new waveforms. This webinar will provide insight into this by discussing new  sub- terahertz system-level design and test challenges presented by 6G.

■ Speaker: Greg Jue (6G System Engineer, Keysight Technologies)

Rethink 5G Signal Source - New Breakthrough

May 24,  2022 | 11:00 am SGT (GMT +8)
The transformation of digital infrastructure are crucial to ensure the metaverse application. Think of 5G NR, 6G, Wi-Fi 7, and wideband satcom evolving connectivity’s hardware and software requirement, can our past signal generators handle the test?

With 4x4 and higher order MIMO and mmWave freq coming, there will be a new need for wireless infrastructure semiconductor such as base station, antenna and transmitter.

Rethink Your signal Source with these New Capabilities:

When 4 phase-coherent channels not enough? How about 32?
World’s first 8-virtual-signal emulation per RF channel, and get up to 32 in a single unit
Learn to produce clean signals up to 110GHz for 3GPP 5G Release 17. 

Rethink your signal sources in this 20 minutes technical webinar.

■ Speaker: Stanley Mo (Asia Pacific RF Industry Market Manager, Keysight Technologies)
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